With no end in sight to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more crucial that leaders in every walk of life find a way to not only provide security to those that they lead, but also that they find a way to provide any level of normalcy possible to their team and their families. Thanks to social distancing it’s not possible for you to lead your team with a hands-on mentality, but great leaders adapt to their circumstances no matter how unprecedented they are. How can you become even more effective at leading your team during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Communicate Intentionally

Refusing to show any sign of panic is paramount for effective leadership. While it’s certainly a good time to show genuine care and concern, the people you are leading are expecting you to remain calm and collected during this time. While many people are now working from home it’s even more vital than ever that you are clear and concise in all your workplace communications. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and people are receiving every piece of information that they could possibly need. Furthermore, talk of the pandemic is going to come up among team members. Make it a point to provide consistent updates from official sources to cut down on rumors and hysteria.

Relax Some Rules

While you do need to ensure that your company is still operating smoothly, in a time like this it’s vital that your team members realize that people matter more than policies. Some of the people on your staff depend on schools and daycares for childcare during the day, and those institutions have closed as well. Being flexible when possible will not only comfort your employees during an already stressful time, it will also help your employees to develop a deeper sense of loyalty to your company.

Risk Reduction

Every situation that comes up during this time should be viewed through the lens of pandemic prevention. If this means rescheduling meetings, canceling trips and making any other changes, take the steps needed to ensure that your employees and their families are safe. Under no circumstances should a team member be forced to do something that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable during this unprecedented time in history.