Managing people can be harder than you ever thought. What works for some teams might not work for others and the same goes for management skills. It’s vital for managers to take time to understand their workers and plan out what helps them be productive when it comes to working. There is always room to improve your management skills so don’t get too comfortable when you begin to see improvement in your team. Here are a few tips to help you become a better human manager in the workplace.

Stay Interested

A good manager should never assume anything about their team members. Before starting projects, consider getting to know your team on a deeper level. It’s not about getting personal, but it’s important to be interested in their lives and what makes them happy. For example, if a certain team member is interested in art and photoshop, consider giving them tasks that include creating visuals for a project. A great way to naturally learn more about your team is by doing activities that help them all get to know each other better.

Honesty is Key

Managers should always be honest with their workers, but as well as themselves. When you make a mistake it’s best to admit where you went wrong and learn from it. Putting blame on someone below you can result in some people wanting to remove themselves from a team. Setting an example as a manager can allow workers to learn that nobody is perfect and mistakes happen. Managers who are brave enough, to be honest with their team will continue to receive respect from others.

Be Approachable 

The last thing any worker wants is a manager that isn’t approachable. Sometimes it can be easy for managers to come off as intimidating so make it a point to talk to your team every single day. Whether it may be a morning message in the team chat or daily check-in, being approachable is vital. When workers are comfortable communicating with their managers, they’re more likely to do better work. Be clear with everyone that you’re open to new ideas and willing to be all ears at all times.


Recognizing a job well done is one of many simple acts that you can do to praise your team. When workers receive feedback from a manager they feel valued in their role and will continue to work harder in the future. Data shows that people are less likely to quit their job within the next year when they are motivated and praised. As a manager, you should always put your best foot forward and motivate others to do the same.