There’s no denying that COVID-19 is changing our society — with the way we work. While there is, naturally, a lot of focus on the lasting harm of these changes, the pandemic may also generate a few reactionary positives when it finally begins to recede. 

Here is a quick look at a few ways workplace leadership, in particular, may change in such a manner.

Improved Lines of Communication

There are many ways communication will be improved by the changes this pandemic has made necessary. This will include a need for more frequent communication with workers who may be performing their job functions remotely. Additionally, there will be a need to ensure the supply chain can function in an emergency without relying on systems that can expose workers to contagious viruses. This may mean having multiple ways in place to move materials, and it may require using new technology to ensure the business’ efficient operation will continue.

More Remote Opportunities

Particularly in the manufacturing industry, there are some jobs that just can’t be done from home. However, mandatory lockdowns have shown business leaders that they can continue operating efficiently with workers who do their jobs from home. Business owners are also discovering that a remote workforce allows them to maintain productivity, while reducing the drain on resources. This will lead to a greater demand for skilled remote workers, which will change the way we conduct many of our businesses.

Greater Focus on Productivity

Remote workers have the flexibility to accomplish their tasks in their own time frame, which means they have a little more leeway in how they do their jobs. If they can work fewer hours, while maintaining the same level of productivity, their employers will happily reward them for their hard work. Ultimately, this will lead to abandoning the regular 8-hour workday in favor of offering schedules that meet the needs of the business with greater efficiency.

For workers, there are also some hidden benefits. More remote working opportunities means many people can more easily create a fairer work/home balance. They’ll spend less time focusing on job tasks, and have more time to exercise, parent their children, and spend with a significant other. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some unattractive consequences, it’s also forcing us to change how we do things, and producing positive results.